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Are you desperate to find a new job, but can’t get traction from applications, recruiters or even your own network?
What's worse, you have no vision?

Stacey Staaterman

Certified Professional Coach - PCC


I know. It’s crazy. You’ve never had this problem before. You’ve always known what do do next and the right people to call to make it happen. You have tons of credentials and great experience, but it seems like you have to beg to get a call back these days — and much of your search effort lands in the black hole of online job applications. Ugh. 

Yep, it’s true — looking for a job has changed. 

For years, many of us got our jobs through our connections – friends, colleagues, old bosses, etc. We built successful careers and did amazing things in part because of a “who you know” strategy. It worked and worked well for a long time. 

But thanks to industry disruption, many of your best advocates just don’t have the juice they once did. They are worried about their own jobs or maybe they’ve left the business entirely.

WHO YOU KNOW just isn’t as important as it once was. 

Today it’s about WHO KNOWS what YOU KNOW!

Luckily, technology and social media make it easy to share what you know in just a few clicks.

But I’m not talking about pointless online applications, I’m talking about cultivating meaningful conversations, relationships and job search traction through the strategic use of content that:

  • Boosts your reputation as a professional 
  • Underscores your skills and talents
  • Garners attention and earns consideration — with hundreds of potential employers.  

I’ve coached hundreds of leaders on career renovation techniques and strategies to amp up their job searches and design work lives that work better.

Lack of vision and strategic actions to make that vision a reality is what stalls most people in their careers.

My complimentary workbook will help you jumpstart a new view of your options and ideals for your next great career move.


Career Assessment & Action Planner

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There has never been a better time to renovate your career!

Give yourself the gift of fulfillment, reward and happiness on the job, crowding in high impact strategies designed for today’s hyper-connected, ultra-distracted job search climate. 

Stacey Staaterman

Creator of Renovate Your Career 

Founder and Principal, Stacey Staaterman Coaching