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Resume Renovation 7-Day Challenge

Create a resume that tells a powerful story and will leave you feeling confident about your job search!

You should take this course if:

  • You have been trying to update your resume for  3+ months.
  • You have a resume that is 3+ pages long.
  • Your resume is missing jobs you’ve had.
  • No one understands the results you’ve driven in your work.
  • Your resume and LinkedIn profile don’t support each other.
  • You are embarrassed and worried when you are asked for your resume.
  • You still have an “objective” at the top of your resume.
  • You feel dread when you think about updating your resume.

This Course Provides:

  • Seven easy-to-digest lectures — you can pace out over a week (or binge watch if you are time-pressured).
  • Key action steps to streamline the process of building a great resume.
  • Guidance on types of content, modern-day formatting, keywords, tone and building a powerful summary.
  • What to do about employment gaps, frequent job changes and ageism.
  • Confidence that your resume is telling a powerful story.
  • Best practices for garnering next level job searching results with your new resume.
  • Template and formatting guide to help you put course principles into practice.
  • Lifetime access to course content and supporting materials.

Leadership and Career Coach,
Stacey Staaterman has been seen in:

"I've been fortunate to not need a resumé of late and thus dreaded writing one for years. This course really got me into the proper mindset where I not only figured out how to break through my resumé 'writing blocks', but also started feeling highly enthusiastic about tackling the project. I love my end result!"

~ Rose Lorre


"Creating a new resume can be daunting - perhaps more when you've accomplished a lot - and a place where even driven people tend to procrastinate. The particular genius of this course is how it breaks the process down into easily achievable steps. It's as if there's someone sitting next to you helping each step of the way, and rather than moving the cursor around a half blank screen for hours on end, that helps move you from step to step to a complete document you can be proud of."

~ Scott Omelianuk


"I'm a marketing executive with my own freelance business. I've been in and out of the job market for some time now and have had to update my resume constantly. I really liked this course as it reinforced a lot of what I've seen around and helped me feel more confident that I'm not way too off. I also took away a few new tips. Having had to go through ATS and getting rejection letters immediately makes you question your skill-set. I also liked that she had specific examples in her course."

~ Labi Bemanian