How you package and market who you are as a professional has never been more important. Your ability to positively impact a business must be clear and easily discovered. Your story must be shared with your super fans, former coworkers, college friends, neighbors, and industry leaders, among others. Don't assume everyone remembers what you do or how you do it!
What's more, new opportunities are springing up in unexpected spaces where you may have no reputation at all. In order to compete in new arenas, you need to be seen as relevant and high impact. And people need to be able to find you!
This course library was designed to help career builders create a cohesive "value story package" in support of a career vision and growth strategy.
Each course includes actionable guidance presented through short, work-at-your-own-pace videos and downloads to help you implement the course lessons. 

Happy learning!  Renew. Pivot. Thrive. — Stacey


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